Ivonna is not malicious

Ivonna's installer is not a malicious program

Some users reported that Chrome marks the installer for Ivonna as a malicious program, and does not recommeds it for downloading. I have given it to the top three computer virusologists, and all of them, after performing thorough studies, concluded that the installer cannot possibly harm your computer.

Actually the installer is a Rar autoextracting executable that automatically launches the setup program after expanding. Could the Rar piece make Chrome suspicious? I don't know..

Duplicate assembly loading issue

Recently Typemock changed their installation policy -- the assemblies are not installed to the GAC anymore. It means that you'll have to set "Copy local" to the Typemock reference in your test project. One side effect is that you might end up with two copies of the Configuration assembly loaded -- one from the Typemock installation folder, the other from your bin directory. You might get an exception in some cases, e.g. if you use the Spark view engine.

The workaround is just to install the Configuration assembly in the GAC and make sure it doesn't get into the bin folder. Hopefully we'll resolve this issue soon.

Asp.Net MVC4 support

You might have heard of this already, but if not, Ivonna now supports Asp.Net MVC4 testing. As always, if you have an MVC4 site in your solution, just create a WebTest project from template, and it'll reference the correct version of System.Web.MVC, and Ivonna.Framework.MVC.4 assemblies.

One essential piece remains uncovered -- WebAPI. Trust me, I'm working on it, but if you have a particular feature that you want to be able to test, like, in an hour, just tell me about it, and I'm sure I'll be able to hack something really quick.

Still feeling pain?

I do believe that Ivonna simplifies you Web testing effort a lot. But chances are, your situation is special, and you have some very special testing needs that I couldn't think of. Some useful shortcuts that might make Ivonna more useful for the rest of us? Some boilerplate code that you write over and over again, in order to overcome the framework's limitations. Or just some wild ideas you'd like to be implemented bu not sure you can ask for.

Please let me know via the Contact page. And of course if you are happy with Ivonna, don't keep it to yourself, tell me all about it. Whenever I hear somebody say sweet words about her, I start to implement new features twice as fast (for some time), so it's in your interest too. Plus, if you don't object, I'll post your testimonial on the site, together with a link to your page (and maybe some words about you) -- see how it can be good for both of us?

By the way..

The latest release, version 3.0.5, compatible with the Isolator version 7.0.4, is waiting for your clicks at the Download page. Until next time!

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