Ivonna 3.2.2 release

Download the new version and write tests for async Web requests

System requirements

  • .Net Framework 3.5
  • TypeMock Isolator 8.5.1. You can use another version of Isolator using the bindingRedirect configuration element in your app.config and web.config files, see the detailed instructions here.
  • Note that you need at least Visual Studio Pro if you want to use the TypeMock plugin and run the tests from inside Visual Studio (not a problem with 3rd party runners).
  • It is recommended that you uninstall previous versions of Ivonna before installing this one, although usually it installs the newer version just fine.

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Quick start

After installing Ivonna, open a solution with your Web, and add a test project using the Ivonna project template, which is located in the Test template folder. More details here.

What's new

  • MVC 5 support
  • Ivonna supports async requests now.
  • You can stub async method calls (see this blog post for details).
  • Fixed a few bugs.
  • Better detection of setup problems.
If you want to be notified of new versions, please subscribe to the Mailing list. You'll be offered this option at the Download page.

Note: this is a fully functional version that will expire in 21 days. To purchase the full version, please visit the Typemock site.

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