More secret plans revealed

I've received some shocking news from one of our brave spies in Ivonna Labs.

Yes I know it's a lame joke. But I'll pretend my backspace key is broken, and leave it here.

Anyway, now that you're entertained a little, I'm providing some boring info. The MVC bits in the new Ivonna version will come as a separate assembly.

Actually, three of them. The reason is simple: I want it to be compatible with all existing versions of Asp.Net MVC. So, rather than playing Assembly Binding games, I chose a simple solution: put the MVC specific functionality into a separate assembly, Ivonna.AspnetMVC, and make a separate assembly for each version of Asp.Net MVC.

Of course, when creating a test project, you'll have to choose the right version. Don't worry though, if you use the project template, the silent wizard behind it will choose the right version for you. Remember that it chooses the first Web application (or Site) that it encounters in your solution.

The other news is that there going to be the Ivonna.Framework.Generic namespace for testing Webs on other frameworks, in case you're too lazy to build your own extension.

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