Breaking changes in Ivonna v.3

I've just pushed the 2.1.8 release ready for download.

What a great day!

I hope you're having a good day too, and I don't want you to get any nasty surprises for this release. So, with (fake) regret I must tell you that this release has, as predicted, a couple of breaking changes:

  • WebRequest and WebResponse classes are renamed to BaseRequest and BaseResponse. Fix: you're not supposed to use these classes.
  • The WebForms-specific testing functionality is moved from these classes to the Ivonna.Framework.Webforms.WebRequest and WebResponse classes. Fix: import the Ivonna.Framework.Webforms namespace (manually or using the included script).
  • The TestSession class has "lost" the following methods: Get, Post, GetPage, GetControl, ProcessPostback, CreatePostRequest, ExecuteAjaxMethod, CreateUpdatePanelRequest. All these methods are now extension methods. Fix: same as above.
  • The TestSession.ProcessRequest method has been renamed to ProcessBaseRequest. You're not supposed to use this method. Use the ProcessRequest extension method instead.
  • The ControlHelpers namespace have been moved to Ivonna.Framework.Webforms.ControlHelpers. If, by any chance, you're using it, you can modify the included script, so that it fixes this issue as well.
Most issues can be fixed by running the script included in the release (you'll find it in the installation directory). If not, please contact me (or write a comment here -- please, I love your comments!), and I'll fix it.

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