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Review: Spire.Doc, a component for manipulating Word documents

A few days ago I was asked to review Spire.Doc from E-iceblue, which is a .Net component that lets you manipulate Word documents programmatically. Since I don't use Word documents in any of my projects, I was unable to test Spire.Doc in a real world situation. However, I did install it and looked at the samples.
The first pleasant surp...Read more..

Installing a NuGet package programmatically

I've been struggling for some time to make NuGet work for my online .Net IDE project, Chpokk. The good news is that there turned out to be a command line tool, NuGet.exe, which can be used on a build server, so I though I'd just use its functionality. The bad news is that it turned out that it only downloaded packages, not modifying the project. Then the good news is that there's ProjectManager class, which can handle the required modifications to the...Read more..

NuGet 2 Essentials: a review

If you are a .Net developer, there's no way you've never used, or at least heard about, NuGet. Unless you don't use any external dependencies, this package manager is a must have tool. And, if you want to learn it, you can spend a day or two reading various blogs, with lots of repetition and stale information, or you can buy this book, NuGet 2 Essentials (note: this is not an affiliate link), and have it all in one place, nicely...Read more..

Using Dropbox in your .Net application

Whenever you need a user to upload something to your application, you usually put a big shiny "Upload" button right in the center of your Web page. We've all been trained to do it -- input type=file and all that, just like in the 80's.


Except that it's not the glorious 80's anymore, and most users keep their stuff in the cloud, where our beautiful Upload button can't reach them. You have to do better than that.

Time to move on

This is why I decided t...Read more..

User centric tests are simper and more effective than you think

We developers just love writing automated tests, don't we? (Except for the guys and gals who believe that tests are for testers only). We also love writing tests before we actually write code, because it is still a revolutionary concept for us, and we like doing absurd things. We also call it "TDD" in our blog posts.

While we love to call it an Art, actually we're quite happy that it is not. We're no...Read more..

Testing async requests, mocking async methods with new Ivonna

For those of you who can't wait to start testing async requests, here's the good news (and no, there are no bad news in this post): starting with the 3.1 version of Ivonna, you can test them with the same syntax as before, i.e. using either session.Get(url) or session.GetPage(url).

However, this is not the end of the story. Most of the time you use the async pattern for a reason. You have a lengthy operation in your Web code...Read more..

Writing the first test for a Real System, Part II

Guilt. That's what I've been feeling all these days.

Ok, it's not that I spent the past month in a deep depression. I should confess that I'm not that kind of guy. But naming a post "blah blah part I" is kinda making a commitment. And the longer I kept postponing writing the second part, the worse I was feeling about it. So, I finally decide that I won't leave my workplace until I finish it.

In Par...Read more..

Fixing the jQueryUI dialog height in IE, the Quirks way

Today I had some fun trying to figure out how to fix the height of the jQueryUI dialog. The client wanted it to be exactly 500px. Or something that resembled 500px. Anyway, it definitely shouldn't have been from the top to the bottom of the screen. Although I sure set it to 500.

The fun part is that it had to work in IE7-9, but in *quirks* mode. The client won't switch to the standards mode, since the site (made in early 2000's, tables inside tables all the way down) would break ap...Read more..

A binder that breaks the rules

There are many binders in my big rusty toolchest. Some are good boys (and girls), others just like to misbehave. I mean, they do what they're destined for, and they do it really good, but in the process of doing it they break one or several Holy Laws that our Holy President wants us to abide by.

Nobody complains though.

This particular one saves me a lot of repetitive coding

Web requests tend to contain simple values. We developers like to work with objects. We li...Read more..

Configuring your assets for FubuMVC

When you have a complicated View, things can easily get messy. A View may have several Partials, each Partial being reused in several Views. Each Partial might require certain library scripts, which in turn might depend on other scripts.

(At this point, I stopped and thought, maybe I should really add images to my posts. Ayende does it, although he has clearly no time for finding an appropriate image. All the cool guys do it. Perhaps I should do it, too.)

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