Setting up Ivonna with MsTest

MsTest is different from other test frameworks in that it considers itself smart enough to put your test assemblies in a folder where Ivonna (not so smart, definitely) cannot find them. Fortunately, we can disable this behavior. Here's how:

VS 2010

  1. If you don't have a .testrunconfig file in your solution, create it. Right-click the solution file in the Solution Explorer, choose "Add New Item..", choose Test Settings in the Test Settigns folder. If you already have the file, open it for editing.
  2. You'll see a dialog with the new settings properties. Verify that it has "Local execution" in the "Roles" tab. Close the dialog.
  3. Verify that the active test settings are set to the new settings -- use Visual Studio menu, Test -> Select Active Test Settings.

VS 2008

  1. As above.
  2. Go to the Deployment tab, switch off "Enable deployment".
  3. As above.
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