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User centric tests are simper and more effective than you think

We developers just love writing automated tests, don't we? (Except for the guys and gals who believe that tests are for testers only). We also love writing tests before we actually write code, because it is still a revolutionary concept for us, and we like doing absurd things. We also call it "TDD" in our blog posts.

While we love to call it an Art, actually we're quite happy that it is not. We're no...Read more..

Writing the first test for a Real System, Part II

Guilt. That's what I've been feeling all these days.

Ok, it's not that I spent the past month in a deep depression. I should confess that I'm not that kind of guy. But naming a post "blah blah part I" is kinda making a commitment. And the longer I kept postponing writing the second part, the worse I was feeling about it. So, I finally decide that I won't leave my workplace until I finish it.

In Par...Read more..

Writing the first test for a Real System

So, you've read a book on TDD, a couple of blog posts from the gurus, and maybe even done the Calculator Kata several times. Now it's time to apply your knowledge to a Real Life Project that you are starting today. You probably stare at the empty solution and try to figure out where to start. "Create an instance of the System Under Test".. which system? "Mock or stub the dependencies".. which dependencies?

Sounds familiar?

Let me give you a hand

Right now I'm also...Read more..

Getting started with Jasmine tests in FubuMVC applications


Jasmine is one of the most popular BDD-style Javascript testing frameworks. I decided to use it for my new project, Chpokk, built on top of FubuMVC. Here are the steps that I made, together with some for-dummies explanations.

Adding Jasmine to your project

is as easy as adding the FubuMVC.TestRun...Read more..

10 Secret Unit Testing Tips to Become Agile

As “Agile” turns 10, Typemock presents a webinar called 10 Secret Unit Testing Tips to Become Agile. They tortured -- yes, tortured! -- their top developers to spill out the secrets of their agile success and they are going to reveal the best ones in the webinar. 

It will be at 10:00 AM EDT on Thursday, August 25. Here is the URL with more information:  Read more..

Integration vs unit tests

When people are talking about automated testing, unit tests get all the buzz. Alpha geeks do them all the time, Uncle Bob Martin blogs about them, Oprah invites them to her show, Mr.President.. well, you got the idea. When somebody mentions integration tests, it's like, "you should write integration tests like a good boy/girl, or you'll be punished". Those of you who are just starting automated testing probably think, "ok these integration tests must be real pain in the ass, l'm really sca...Read more..

Testing MVC with Ivonna -- first look

Recently I've been adding some bits to Ivonna that are supposed to make her more MVC-friendly. I fell asleep with a happy smile om my face after the following test passed:

var session = new TestSession();
Read more..

Tough Choices: Test First, or Test Driven?

Writing a test before you write the first line of production code is a revolutionary concept. No, really. Blew my mind when I first heard about it. Running a test when you sure know it won't pass feels like programming Mad Hatter style. When you start doing it, you feel like a rebel, defying all dogmas and dusty stereotypes.

But when you finally fall asleep, a grinning deity comes to your bed and whispers these bitter words in your ear:

You're not doing TDD

This i...Read more..

Tough Choices: Test First or Test Last?

This post is a part of the new series called "Tough Choices". These are choices about the kinds of tests we write, and how do we do it. I'm writing the series in order to bring a little understanding of what's going on to the masses.

When you're a beginner and just learn automated testing, writing a test for existing code is simpler, and you should probably learn it this way. When you finally have a passing test, it means that you got the basics of test writing. Many people remain ...Read more..

Seven virtues of Test-Driven Development

Don't get me wrong, this is not another "You should practice TDD because.." post. This one is aimed for those who want to start test-driving, but needs some guidance on how to get the maximum benefit and avoid the typical disasters. I plan to write several posts about various kinds of tests and when to (not) use them. Different kinds of tests (and testing practices) provide different benefits, and I thought maybe I write this as a cornerstone kinda post and refer to it from time to time.Read more..


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