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Configuring your assets for FubuMVC

When you have a complicated View, things can easily get messy. A View may have several Partials, each Partial being reused in several Views. Each Partial might require certain library scripts, which in turn might depend on other scripts.

(At this point, I stopped and thought, maybe I should really add images to my posts. Ayende does it, although he has clearly no time for finding an appropriate image. All the cool guys do it. Perhaps I should do it, too.)

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Ripple, the utility that saves you from your personal NuGet hell

Managing your dependencies with NuGet can be just fine.

Unless you want some of these be compiled locally.

For example, imagine that you have a complicated dependency graph, and you've just modified a source of one of the assemblies. Or you just want the freshest bits from the source control. Now you want to use the local version in your project, since you don't want to wait till your modification is accepted and released as a NuGet package. At the same time, you want to us...Read more..

Getting started with Jasmine tests in FubuMVC applications


Jasmine is one of the most popular BDD-style Javascript testing frameworks. I decided to use it for my new project, Chpokk, built on top of FubuMVC. Here are the steps that I made, together with some for-dummies explanations.

Adding Jasmine to your project

is as easy as adding the FubuMVC.TestRun...Read more..


Rumours say the WebForms support in FubuMVC is soon to be abandoned, so let's not stick to the outdated technology and move on. Recently the Spark integration has been reworked, and the necessary bits added to the official NuGet source, so using Spark in Fubu became so ridiculously simple that you don't have to even know how to pronounce "git" in order to handle it.


Add the FubuMVC.Spa...Read more..

FubuMVC for dummies, noobs, and other noble gentlemen

Some time ago, I decided to base my next project on FubuMVC. Since all the posts I found on the Web are a bit outdated (and required a lot of steps that might scare you away), I decided to write a fresh one. So, here are a few steps required to display a catchy phrase some of you would recognize. Update: since the post is becoming too big, I'm moving the "catchy phrase" part to the next one.


  1. Create an empty Web Application project.
  2. ...Read more..

HW'in it with FubuMVC

So, after a little discussion on FubuMVC's default conventions, we finally approach our shiny goal: force our browser to display a certain phrase (that looks strangely familiar).

Displaying a simple string

This is simple: add a class called SayController, and an action method that returns a string:

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