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Archive for tag: Custom Asp.Net Model Binders for fun and profit

A binder that breaks the rules

There are many binders in my big rusty toolchest. Some are good boys (and girls), others just like to misbehave. I mean, they do what they're destined for, and they do it really good, but in the process of doing it they break one or several Holy Laws that our Holy President wants us to abide by.

Nobody complains though.

This particular one saves me a lot of repetitive coding

Web requests tend to contain simple values. We developers like to work with objects. We li...Read more..

Custom Asp.Net Model Binders series, part 3: Subclassing your models

This is the third part in the series about custom Asp.Net MVC Model Binders and Value Providers. Part 1 is about two ways of using DateTime.Now as an Action Method parameter for better testability, and Part 2 is about building a Value Provider for the Http Header values. Read on.Read more..

A useless custom Asp.Net value provider (or maybe not that useless after all)

So, following my previous post on implementing a custom Asp.Net Value Provider, here is another one.

Request Header Value Provider

Here is a totally useless requirement: add a Value Provider that would let you use your request headers in your actions without calling HttpContext.Current.Request (or something equally unacceptable). This is actually absurdly simple, because we alread...Read more..

Custom Asp.Net Model Binders series, part 1: Now How

Recently I started a challenge on LinkedIn: let's write blog posts about custom model binders, view results, and other extensible stuff in Asp.Net MVC; let's do it one post a day for a week and see what happens. Presumably, it should benefit everybody, especially Asp.Net MVC newcomers.

Well, I'm two days late already, and I don't feel like doing a big post today, so today's a really simple...Read more..


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