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Installing a NuGet package programmatically

I've been struggling for some time to make NuGet work for my online .Net IDE project, Chpokk. The good news is that there turned out to be a command line tool, NuGet.exe, which can be used on a build server, so I though I'd just use its functionality. The bad news is that it turned out that it only downloaded packages, not modifying the project. Then the good news is that there's ProjectManager class, which can handle the required modifications to the...Read more..

Writing the first test for a Real System, Part II

Guilt. That's what I've been feeling all these days.

Ok, it's not that I spent the past month in a deep depression. I should confess that I'm not that kind of guy. But naming a post "blah blah part I" is kinda making a commitment. And the longer I kept postponing writing the second part, the worse I was feeling about it. So, I finally decide that I won't leave my workplace until I finish it.

In Par...Read more..

Writing the first test for a Real System

So, you've read a book on TDD, a couple of blog posts from the gurus, and maybe even done the Calculator Kata several times. Now it's time to apply your knowledge to a Real Life Project that you are starting today. You probably stare at the empty solution and try to figure out where to start. "Create an instance of the System Under Test".. which system? "Mock or stub the dependencies".. which dependencies?

Sounds familiar?

Let me give you a hand

Right now I'm also...Read more..


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