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User centric tests are simper and more effective than you think

We developers just love writing automated tests, don't we? (Except for the guys and gals who believe that tests are for testers only). We also love writing tests before we actually write code, because it is still a revolutionary concept for us, and we like doing absurd things. We also call it "TDD" in our blog posts.

While we love to call it an Art, actually we're quite happy that it is not. We're no...Read more..

The Amazing Adventures In Advanced Arrange-Act-Assert

You've probably heard about the Arrange-Act-Assert (also known as Given-When-Then) test pattern by now, but in case you haven't, let me briefly introduce you. The idea is to split your test into three parts:

  1. Arrange: prepare the context. Also called the "Given" part, as in "Given I have 100 bucks on my account.."
  2. Act: do something. Aka "When", as in "..when I withdraw 40 dollars.."
  3. Assert: this is the part where you check the result. Aka "Then": "..then I...Read more..


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